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Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Carpets not only help to keep the floor warm but also decorate your home. Experts recommend that you vacuum and clean your carpet regularly. More importantly, you should ensure that your carpet is cleaned by a professional every 12 to 18 months. Proper care and maintenance prolongs the life of your carpet, refresh and restores its beauty and reduces the amount of dust and allergens in the environment.

At Gibbs Carpet Cleaning, we have the necessary tools, equipment, products and training to help you clean your carpet safely and efficiently. Our Carpet Cleaning Services in Sacramento, CA are eco-friendly, hypoallergenic and affordable. We provide excellent cleaning services for all types of carpets in homes and businesses.

If you have dirty, soiled and discolored carpets or rugs at home that your vacuum can longer clean, we’ll be happy to help! Give us a call at 916-709-4008 to schedule an appointment with one of our certified carpet cleaners.

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Tile and Grout

Tile and Grout

Tile and grout look great when they are new, but time is not always kind. Dirt and grime can build up in the absorbent surfaces of your tile and grout flooring, making it look old and dingy. Tile and grout can also become a perfect habitat for bacteria to grow, especially in areas like the kitchen and bathroom, where germs accumulate quickly. Luckily, Gibbs Carpet Cleaning can change all that. We provide safe and reliable Tile and Grout Cleaning Services in Sacramento, CA and surrounding areas.

Using innovative techniques and professional cleaning equipment, our team can restore your tile and grout back to their beautiful, pristine condition. We only use eco-friendly organic cleaning solutions. Our cleaning agents do not give off toxic fumes that are bad for your home or office. You can be assured of green services when you hire our services.

When you hire us, we will first inspect your tile and grout and then devise the most-effective cleaning plan for your hard surfaces. Next, we’ll start the cleaning process by applying our all-natural cleaning solutions before beginning our deep clean steam cleaning process with our truck-mount unit and tile cleaning equipment. Our solutions are powerful enough to remove dirt and grime, lift coffee stains and even remove soot that may have built up around your fireplace.

No one cleans like we do! If you are looking for best Tile and Grout Cleaning Service in Sacramento and Rancho Cordova don’t hesitate to contact Gibbs Carpet Cleaning. Our trained and certified tile and grout cleaners will take their time to complete our thorough cleaning process, providing exceptional service and ensuring a safer, healthier home for you and your family.

Give us a call at 916-709-4008 to schedule an appointment with one of our certified cleaners.

Carpet Cleaning

Pet Treatments

Animals are always prone to having accidents in the house and when this occurs, it can leave behind a permanent odor and stain. If your pet has left behind an unpleasant odor or stain, Gibbs Carpet Cleaning can help. We provide professional Pet Odor and Stain Treatment in Sacramento, Rancho Cordova,  and the surrounding areas. We have a team of highly trained and well equipped cleaning specialists who can handle any cleaning jobs in your home. We use the highest quality, green certified cleaning solutions designed to remove even the toughest stains.

When you invite us to your home, we work diligently to provide you with the best cleaning experience. Our innovative cleaning process works to eliminate the source of the pet odor deep within your upholstery or carpet. We use the newest cleaning technology so you can be certain you will receive top notch service. Whether it is ferrets, cats or dogs, we can help remove pet odor and stains from your home.

Important Facts to Know About Pet Urine

  • Pet Stains: When your pet urinates on the carpet, the urine doesn’t stay on the top of the carpet fibers. It seeps deep into the carpet fibers until it reaches the carpet and flooring beneath it. Since pet urine is acidic, it oxidizes itself as it dries, causing the yellowing effect in the floor. Oxidation, as well as the urochrome and ammonia in urine, cause your carpet to have stains.
  • Pet Odor: As pet urine dries, the liquid evaporates leaving behind urine crystals that become even more concentrated and pungent. Simple cleaning cannot remove this odor.

No matter the smell, stain or mess, Gibbs Carpet Cleaning can help! Give us a call at 916-709-4008 to schedule an appointment with our carpet cleaners.

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